University Baptist Church of Chapel Hill

God’s love having united us as members of Christ’s Body, we who are called out as University Baptist Church commit our lives to:

  • Worship God and celebrate the reconciling love of Christ through the forgiveness of sin.

  • Explore and learn through the Scriptures, the history of God’s people, and the everyday living of the Gospel where we live, work, and study.

  • Give sacrificially of our time, spiritual gifts, and material resources as directed in Scripture.

  • Gather as a community of faith, a spiritual fellowship, to encourage, serve, and sustain one another as a priesthood of believers in a deepening devotion to Christ.

  • Bear witness to God’s unconditional love by the prophetic proclamation, throughout the world, of Jesus as our resurrected Lord.


Cooperative Baptist Fellowship North Carolina
Alliance of Baptists
Yates Baptist Association