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As the Omicron variant of Covid-19 surges, we’d like to thank all in the UBC family for their diligent efforts to keep others safe while embracing worship and fellowship together during this unique season of our church’s life. Even still, in the face of this extremely contagious virus we must remember not to let down our guard. Therefore, we encourage everyone to recommit themselves to the safety guidelines we have in place. These guidelines have been recently updated to better protect us from the particular challenges the Omicron variant presents. Please see these updated guidelines below:

1. For the health and safety of each individual–if you are experiencing any cold, flu or COVID symptoms (even mild), we request that you please join us online via our livestream worship services. We welcome all to worship with us, however you are able!

2. We encourage those attending in-person worship to be vaccinated, for their own personal safety, as well as the safety of others.

3. For contact tracing purposes, everyone who attends must check in with a greeter.  To make entry into the sanctuary easier and less congested, we ask that UBC members pre-register EACH WEEK through the registration sheet below:

Current Sign-up Sheets

Title Date Open Spots  
Sunday, January 23, 2022: 11am In-Person Worship January 23, 2022 113

You may also register by calling or emailing the office by 3pm on Thursdays.  Worshipers who pre-register should check in with a greeter before entering the sanctuary. Worshipers who have not pre-registered should give their name and a phone number upon entering. 

4. Worshipers should enter the sanctuary by the Columbia Street entrance.  The porte-cochere entrance should be limited to those needing elevator access only. 

5. Worshipers should wear a face mask at all times during the service. We encourage double-masking or wearing high-quality masks, such as KN95s or N95s.

6. Worshipers should maintain a physical distance of six feet from persons not in their household. 

7. After the service ends, worshipers should leave the sanctuary quickly and enjoy their greetings and visiting outdoors.  The Memorial Garden offers a wonderful place for visiting after worship!

For the foreseeable future, all live services will continue to be available at 11am via our YouTube or Facebook livestreams. You may access archived worship services on these pages as well.

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